Analyzing the Digital

Presentation at the 12th European Academy of Design Conference "Design Next", Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, April 2017.

Imago Mundi: Strategy and Structure of Globalisation

Presentation at Innotown 2002 in Aalesund, Norway.

The Design Briefing

Presentation and workshop by Mario Gagliardi at the Rat für Formgebung - German Design Council (in German).

Decision-making by design

How do we decide for or against something, and what has design got to do with it? Presentation at the special session of the Chamber of Commerce during the era 05 design congress in Copenhagen.

The World as Will and Idea

Starting from Schopenhauers's famous work, Mario Gagliardi explores the history of ideas. Keynote presentation at the era 05 design congress in Copenhagen.

Where are you from?

A presentation at Kaospilot in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Gap between Design and Management

What divides, what unites these two disciplines? Presentation by Mario Gagliardi at the University of Westminster, London.


Trends and what they can tell us about society and design: A presentation by Mario Gagliardi at the PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) in London.