Our design philosophy

For us, design is the art of weaving together business processes, services, products, expectations and visions.

We look at markets, cultures, trends and technologies and work on semiotics (the messages a design or brand sends), user needs (how products and brands can fit into the life of consumers), design structures (how designs are created, structured and built) and systems (setting up innovation processes and strategies to create successful products).

We are are metadisciplinary, seeing design as a process running on several channels. These channels – products, spaces, services and media – have to interact in meaningful ways to create brand impact and enable meaningful user experiences.

The core of our approach is to solve real-world complexity through design by strategically placing it into its particular social, cultural, technical and environmental context.

If an interaction inspires people to learn something they did not know, a product contributes to improve lives, or a brand inspires new viewpoints, then we can call it “good design”. Ultimately, design should translate the situations we encounter in life into meaningful products and experiences.